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Good Shepherd Catholic School has REOPENED!!!

Good Shepherd Catholic School reopened its doors in 2021 to early elementary and is continuing to grow each year! Next year, we will open a 1st Grade classroom in addition to our Preschool and Kindergarten program. We hope to welcome you to the Good Shepherd Catholic School Community!

During recent years, through community discussions, enrollment trends, census data, parish data, and the great faith of our community, it has become clear that there is an urgent need for an expansion of Catholic education on the West side of Chicago’s vibrant Little Village neighborhood.

We believe…

-That every child deserves a strong Catholic education to supplement the faith of the family

-That every child deserves a safe school to grow and learn

-That every child deserves a strong and rigorous academic education

-That our mission is for every child to be College-bound and Heaven-bound

-That Good Shepherd School should never have closed and is ready to thrive again

-Finally, we imagine our neighborhood full of Catholic school children, future leaders of faith, preparing to lead the change our city and nation desires, with their relationship with Jesus as their moral center and guide, and to model their love of God and their neighbor for all of the world.

As a result, we recognize our calling to provide a foundation of faith in partnership with families through daily strong Catholic education to a higher capacity of children in our community. With the leadership of Good Shepherd Catholic Church, we have come to understand the rebirth of the Good Shepherd Catholic School as an equal sister school, a partner in faith and education with Epiphany Catholic School, that will lead to a number of powerful outcomes for the children of our united Faith Community.

In conclusion, Good Shepherd Catholic School (2725 S Kolin) re-opened its school building with the goal of bringing greater access to a quality and faith-based education to Little Village and its surrounding community,

Good Shepherd Parish and Epiphany, a Big Shoulders Fund Plus School, have been a beacon in the Little Village community. Good Shepherd Catholic School is excited to welcome you to join our newly revitalized school community!

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